R$800 / 23m2 - Studio in the heart of Favela Vidigal (Vidigal Guest house, Rio de Janeiro)



banheiro privado
sem estacionamento
quarto privado

Studio in Vidigal .
Perfect for someone is looking to experience a different side of Rio de Janeiro.
Located almost at the top of Vidigal close to the Morro Dois Irmãos trail and other touristic points such as Bar da Laje and Mirante do Arvrao.
Minimarkets and bakery are close to the house.

Short term Rent ** , Week Stay , 7 or 15 days stay or month rent
Available from July on
Furniture, Real single bed, basic equipped kitchen, bathroom

Taxes of water , electricity, W-fi are included on price (except cooking gas, individual reposnsability - guest can use cooking gas that's is already in apartment)* -
* valid for 15 days stay or more.

** For 1 month stay : deposit of guaranteed of R$800 is required to make the reservation
3 months stay or more : deposit of guaranteed of R$1600 is required to make the reservation
PS: contract is renewed every 3 months

*** Laundry: 1 machine = 6,5 kg cost R$ 30

House's rules:

* Don’t flush toilet paper down the toilet

* Don’t smoke inside the apartment

* Parties are not accepted

* Children and pets are not allowed.

* Rubbish should be thrown away at the specific places for it.

* Not allowed to keep your personal stuff at the communal areas such as corridor, roof top or etc.

* Coocking gas is a responsibility of renter.

* All possible visits that u may have should be informed.

* Visitors are not allowed. ( exceptions can be dealed with owners )

* Last and the most important rule is that renter who is staying should always know that he is a guest in our house and mutual respect is always very important so if you think that there is a chance of having problems with something that you might want to do than always better to ask landlords before having problems.

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