favoritar anúncio I get passive income, looking for someone to share rent or a temp plac (Rio de janiero) ocultar anúncio exibir

Hey guys how's it going? I am looking for someone to share rent with and get a decent place with in Rio to live there for atleast a month as I teach English there online as I get passive income 100 pounds a week and also I get free food and drinks in Rio off a friend if you fancy sharing a decent place in Rio. Or if you have 5ft of sleeping space as I have an inflatable mattress and i will help you save money on food as I can buy all groceries. I also have an inflatable mattress so we can cut money by just getting a one bedroom and I can sleep in the living room. I will be out everyday teaching English online and surfing for the entire month or maybe indefinitely if I like it. What do you think? I also go church on Sunday which gives me more free food so I will bring back free food and drink for you everyday. Or any deal you like, I hope all is well.
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