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Looking for a local to help you get around the city and guide you? How about experiencing Rio from a local perspective? I'm Felipe Barroso, a 28 year-old reliable, open-minded and experienced guide, student of arhitecture, willing to help you by being your local buddy in the city, your travel assistant, guide, interpreter and/ or even your language tutor of portuguese. LGBTQ friendly.

Available tours: Christ and Sugar Loaf attractions | beaches | architecture and museums | arts and sketching tours | samba party | African heritage tour | night life | local areas | waterfalls, hiking adventures, radical activities | etc.

Available for travels

Any other interest? Get in contact and let me help you!

Daily Cost starting from USD30.00 only!
*fees may vary according to the tour/ service

English/ Spanish/ Portuguese

REFERENCES available!

For more info, please e-mail or Whatsapp at+55 21 979148580 (Felipe)
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