favoritar anúncio English Speaking - Need that my website texts are given are spin!!! (Rio de Janeiro) ocultar anúncio exibir

remuneração: R$ 300

Hi There!!!!

1) Do you love dogs?
2) Do you care about sustainable fashion?
3) Do you care about our Planet?

We are (more like ... I am ) a Brazilian start-up and our mission is to create transformative change in the pet industry.

I am the founder of CariocaPup, and I need help with my website content. I am based in Rio de Janeiro (Ipanema) and at the moment I can only invest up to R$300 to hire an English Speaking journalist to give a sping in the about section of my website. If you are in the Ipanema area of Rio, lets met in Starbucks and discuss the project.

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